10 Questions to Ask Your Villain

There are so many potential motivations and complexities when creating a villain, it can be easy to get caught up in evil and not have enough true character development. To make the process simpler, here are some questions to establish parameters. Each question can be explored more deeply for the “why” behind the answer. TryContinue reading “10 Questions to Ask Your Villain”

9 Young Adult Novels to Fall in Love With

These are books that I’ve re-read (in some cases way too many times) and serve as a constant inspiration for what I want my writing to be like. My list of favorites extends beyond this, but these are the basics that I would recommend for anyone who’s hungry for a fun read. These are suitable forContinue reading “9 Young Adult Novels to Fall in Love With”

How Writing Fanfiction Can Help You Create Better Original Fiction

I am a huge supporter of writing fanfiction. Fanfiction can be an end in itself if you use it to explore characters in new ways and extend your stay in the fictional world. However, it’s also an invaluable tool in developing your writing abilities with the intention of using them for original fiction. It givesContinue reading “How Writing Fanfiction Can Help You Create Better Original Fiction”